Sunday, April 09, 2006

Okay, okay, it's been a couple'a weeks, I admit, but it was worth it! Sketch #1 went off th SIPS for printing this afternoon! Man, it is a work of passion, this one, and I hope I can keep the enthusiasm up for #2 and #3!! This is not the book you read to young Billy right before bed!

Here's a sneak peek at Page 21, the penultimate point in young Jimmy Bigby's eight year old life. Gives me the creeps!!!

I will be posting more from issue one, as well as sneak peeks from issue two:Sketch@15!!! (Take it easy, Josh, just a tribute!)

Sketch #1-look for it May 6th! Oh yeah, Free Comic Book Day! I'll be doing a personal signing that day, more to come!!!!

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