Monday, June 26, 2006

Kreetor 0 Cover colored; HELL YEAH!!

THIS is some SHIT! Look at this!!! Not too shabby, eh?
artbymudcat (Gary) just nailed this, and it looks so damned good! Maybe a poster???
Whattya think???

This is the year of Repercussion!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Kreetor 0 page

Hembeck visits The Colony!

I'm back! Safe! I was kidnapped and held hostage for two weeks by those damned people who sign my paychecks! But I escaped, and made it back to Deadly World homebase!
Here is something I thought (1) was the coolest, and (2) I'd never see; someone of comic noteriety drawing my characters (beyond Albone of Sawdust, that is). Fred Hembeck, comic legend (shame on YOU if you don't know who he is), did a redux on Uncanny X Men #1, and with it he sent this sketch (shameless plug); Hembeck with noneother than Ganz from The Colony!!!! Bad Ass!
Hope you can see the image; if not, I'll try to darken it, and repost.
Kreetor #0 inks are kicking my butt. I think I'll limit my inking skills to covers and posters. I can't get anything else done, and it's killing me. Lesson learned...
Sketch #2 is coming along better than I thought. Write what you know and it writes itself. I'll share pages by weekend's end (did that sound right?)
Sketch #1 is going to get more reviews, I am finding. I, in turn, am also going to start reviewing FOR (Friends of Repercussion), to bring more life into this blog. Hopefully my bosses will see this, and realize that they need to give me my space ( Damn I feel punny this morning. Must be the Lunesta!
I'm out, talk at you all (yeah) later

Monday, June 05, 2006


Here's a rrrepeat post/picture by request for my girl orexis from The Colony.
Hope you likey.


Here is the revised cover for issue #2 of Sketch; I decided to theme it with the content of the story (how novel!). I am going to try and post as frequently as i can, so you may discover how vapid and talentless I TRULY am (psyche), or opinionated (no politics) and creative I can be.
I will post some art for the Kreetor story 'Paradise' later today or tomorrow.
Hope you like.
Off to work

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well, shit. Here it is, Sunday evening again, and I got not a lot accomplished. Rough week getting back into work after the holiday, my mom going back home, trying to draw, ink, letter and produce 4 different comics at once. I am a crazy bastard. Anyway, here is a first look at the new cover for the second printing of The Colony #1. I went back and reworked a lot of the ink tones on the pages, I letterd them in Illustrator instead of Picture It (looks way better). Hopefully, people will take to issue one kinder this time.
BTW, got a pretty decent write up on The Colony #2 by Bram at Raised By Squirrels:
check it out if you get really bored (I think maybe 6 whole people read this blog, anyway).
I am going to start hitting this thing on a regular basis, so don't get shocked. I may even add more art as I produce it.
Blogs suck, man.
Just kidding.