Sunday, March 26, 2006


Okay fanboys, here's a new piece (no pun, of course) for you to drool.
This is a look at Orexis from The Colony Vol 2, set 100 years after the ending of Colony Vol. 1. She aged pretty well, didn't she? WOW!!!
Anyhoo, Jason, Alan Evans and I 'met' for an e-summit regarding the future of Repercussion Comics, and DWP is going to play a major role in the revamp of the company!! Exciting stuff, to be sure! Alan is a very talented man in his own right with his workshed studios, and his Wolrd Wide Solutions book.
Major changes, new books, this is going to be a great year; hang on to your hats!
I gotta go back to the drawing board, and finish up Sketch.
Seeya next time!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Okay, okay, it's been too long! Not that anyone reads this ANYWAY, but here is the colorized version of the first page of Paradise. I think Jason really digs this, and I threw the whole thing together in a week-end (six pages, SLACKERS!!!)
I promise to get some new Sketch material up; I need to just FINISH the damned thing. It will seriously only take me a week to do, so who's the slacker NOW???
If anyone stumbles across this, please feel free to leave comments. You like, you hate, it's good, it sucks...
I gotta go potty.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I get to draw Kreetor!!! Wow!!!

Well, it's official; Jason finally trusts me enough to draw Kreetor! His creation and personal project since he was knee high.

Here is 'Paradise' page one!! I did this in about 45 minutes because I was so excited!!! I've never done much Fantasy work, so this will be an exciting diversion when I get bored of vampires and abused kids with imaginary friends!!!

Which reminds me....

New Sketch page goes up tomorrow!!!!!

Peace out!