Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well, shit. Here it is, Sunday evening again, and I got not a lot accomplished. Rough week getting back into work after the holiday, my mom going back home, trying to draw, ink, letter and produce 4 different comics at once. I am a crazy bastard. Anyway, here is a first look at the new cover for the second printing of The Colony #1. I went back and reworked a lot of the ink tones on the pages, I letterd them in Illustrator instead of Picture It (looks way better). Hopefully, people will take to issue one kinder this time.
BTW, got a pretty decent write up on The Colony #2 by Bram at Raised By Squirrels:
check it out if you get really bored (I think maybe 6 whole people read this blog, anyway).
I am going to start hitting this thing on a regular basis, so don't get shocked. I may even add more art as I produce it.
Blogs suck, man.
Just kidding.

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